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with Berklee alumnus Greg Daley

For all levels and ages
Rock County Blues • Jazz Pop • Fingerstyle
Metal • Alternative • Folk • Reggae
• Guitar technique
• Improvisation
• Music theory
• Composition
• Ear training
• Guitar technique
• Music theory
• Improvisation
• Composition
• Improvisation
• All genres and styles
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Guitar mastery online
The Guitar Mastery Online project sets quality standards for teaching guitar online
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Your Online Guitar Teacher

Greg Daley D.M.A.
Greg Daley has been teaching guitar for over 30 years and is highly sought after as a guitar instructor at South Portland Guitar School in Maine where he makes his residence. He is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music where he studied guitar, as well as all aspects of music including improvisation, composition and sound engineering.

Greg is now offering online lessons with WebRTC utilizing a high quality audio and visual setup for private guitar instruction as part of the Online Guitar Mastery program that sets quality standards for online instruction.
About Guitar Mastery Online
The best online guitar lessons anywhere

Do it yourself apps and YouTube videos that don't interact with you will not teach you how to master the guitar. Live guitar lessons with me will. The question is: "Are you ready to get serious about your playing?"

I created the Guitar Mastery Online project with the idea that highly experienced and educated music teachers should be the ones to teach students of all ages at a very high level of sound and video quality, using the best technology available. The GMO project defines the standards that ensures this quality. Teachers of all instruments will be added as we evolve. Come join me and learn the way you deserve to be taught!

-Greg Daley D.M.A.

All you need is:

• A guitar
• A webcam
• An internet connection
"Greg was my instructor for 4 years and with him, I made a ton of progress not just as a guitarist, but as a musician. He was eager to focus on my personal interests which was primarily composition. He helped me with several progressive rock projects in our time together while teaching me guitar technique, music theory, and audio-engineering. I would highly recommend!"

- Jake Gordon
Everything about guitar lessons with Greg has been great. Right from the get go, I've felt like every week I've done something to improve my playing or theory, and always in a fun and engaging way. Greg is also very flexible with his scheduling, and accommodates any music style that you could ask for. He's all around a great teacher, by far the best I've had.

- Isaac Sparks-Willey
Greg was my guitar teacher for 5 years. Being taught by Greg is unique because he uses a variety of teaching styles to teach his students not only songs but music theory, modes, scales and chords. Greg got me to the next level by letting me be creative and teaching me how to improvise but also because he never stopped challenging me with hard material. Greg put his students into groups to learn how to collaborate and play with each other. Greg adjusts his teaching style to fit the needs of his students and allows for creativity and innovation. I still play guitar at a very high level and it all started with Greg teaching me as a 14 year old! I also played my first rock shows with Greg's help. I would highly suggest choosing Greg as your teacher!"

- Diana Manduca
I have known Greg for over seven years, first as a student, and now as a close and personal friend. It isn't easy to encapsulate all of Greg's abilities and talents into a few words, but Greg is a teacher of music and guitar of the very highest caliber. His credentials and pedigree in the music world are exceptional, and he shares a very enthusiastic excitement about music, in learning and in theory. When I first started out with him, he taught me the fundamentals of guitar theory, scales and modes, and everything in between. There wasn't one aspect crucial to developing as a guitar player that was left untouched. Moreover, Greg has the intellect to grasp and accessorize the very highest and most sophisticated forms of music and break it into layman's terms. He is well equipped to teach both the beginner and advanced student. With great joy, I highly recommend Greg Daley.

- Josh Herbert
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